Collection: Selenite

Properties: Selenite Crystal is a natural mineral that can be found in pure rock (translucent white) or with defined striations. There are different colors and shapes. Selenite can be found throughout Europe, Mexico, and in mines in the southwestern United States.

Uses at the physical level:

It helps with back problems, stimulates fertility, helps the digestive system, absorbs radiation emitted by electronic devices.

Uses at the level of the psyche:
Selenite is used for anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, negative mind, blockages and phobias.

Uses on a spiritual level:
It is currently one of the most powerful healing stones in spiritual work. Its main influence is on the subtle energy bodies of the human form, connecting light energy with the physical body. It is also widely used in meditation and relaxation. With an extremely fine vibrational energy, it is a very spiritual stone, attracting the guidance and awareness of angelic consciousness. For those interested in tuning in to a higher vibration through meditation, Selenite is a vitally important stone.

Cleansing: Selenite is the only crystal that cleans all others, so it cleans itself. Never place it in water, as it will lose its properties.