Astrology is a study of self-knowledge that arises from planetary conjugation through the movement of the planets and the influence they have on human behavior.
In Roman mythology, the Stars that dominate the planets today corresponded to the Gods of the time: Mercury (Messenger God), Venus (Goddess of Love), Mars (God of War), Jupiter (God of the day).

Astrology is among the first human learning, before writing. Proof of this is that records of his studies can be found in ruins of almost all ancient civilizations, from Greece to Babylon, from China to Rome.
For more than two thousand years, these studies relating changes in the sky and their effects on human life have been developing, even allowing the determination of the seasons.

More than signs, Astrology is a set of complex calculations that determine, through the Day, Place and Time of birth, the arrangement of the planets in the Universe. Astrology is based on the holistic paradigm, stating that all things in the Universe are interrelated. If all things are connected to each other, the position of the planets at a given moment of birth will speak about this life, revealing your purpose, your talents, your motivations.

It is on this basis that you will learn more about yourself, having fun analyzing planetary "coincidences" in your own chart and preparing yourself to understand what surrounds you and learning to analyze other Astral Charts.

Program Contents:

  • The 4 elements and the 4 Crosses;
  • The 12 Astrological Houses;
  • The energy of each sign;
  • The Planets and their influence;
  • Astrological Compatibilities;
  • Astrological Facilities and Challenges;
  • Identify each planet in the Personal Map;
  • Interpretation of Solar Return (Annual Forecasts);
  • Practical group exercises;
  • Objectives for the course.

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